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All of our cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s milk sourced locally within Victoria.

La Latteria Cheeses

The only additions are non-animal rennet and salt.

  • Fiore Di Burrata
  • Blue Heart (Cuore Blu)
  • Bocconcini Leaf
  • Butter Heart and Butter Heart Porcini (Burrino)
  • Scamorza Bianca and Smoked Scamorza Affumicata
  • Ricotta
  • Ricotta Salata
  • Fior Di Latte and Treccie
  • Burrata
  • Filled Bocconcini
  • Baby Provolina (Scamorza)
  • Baby Smoked Provolina (Scamorza Affumicata)
  • Diavoletti (Little Devils)
  • Primo Sale
  • We also stock the following cheeses made by local Melbourne cheesemakers:
  • Parmigiano
  • Pecorino Style Cheeses
  • Pepato
  • Pastorello
  • Semi matured
  • Semi Matured with Chilli



    Fiore Di Burrata

    Fiore Di Burrata a beautiful small ball of fresh soft mozzarella with a drop of seasoned cream in the centre.



    La Latteria BurattaBurrata is a decadent and divine cheese.



    The cheese has a mozzarella skin in a money bag style filled with strings of stretched curd combined with cream and then seasoned. Eat on it’s own with olive oil, with crispy bread or simply torn up on pasta.



    Fior Di Latte and Treccie

    La Latteria - TreccieLa Latteria FattaFiore Di Latte and Treccie are plump soft cow’s milk mozzarella with a high moisture content and mild creamy flavour.


    Its texture makes it great to eat on its own, in caprese salad, a topping for bruschetta or lightly melted on pizza.






    Bocconcini Leaf

    La LatteriaBocconcini Leaf is a truly unique cheese. The cheese is shaped while hot into a flat rectangle approximately 5 mm thick giving the user a blank canvas for their imagination.

    We suggest seasoning the cheese, covering evenly with your favourite toppings such as prosciutto, tomato and rocket or smoked salmon, capers and spinach then rolling up. Slice off rounds, drizzle with olive oil and serve.




    Baby Provolina (Scamorza)

    Baby Provolina (Scamorza) is a hand shaped cheese, that is then immersed in a salt brine, hung to mature and waxed. It has a beautiful mild flavor with a slightly elastic texture.



    Blue Heart (Cuore Blu)

    Blue Heart (Cuore Blu) is made in the same way as the Baby Provolina with the addition during the shaping process of a centre heart of blue vein cheese. This cheese needs to be brought to room temperature before eating to truly appreciate the flavour combination. Perfect for cheese platters, melted on pizza and polenta.


    Butter Heart and Butter Heart Porcini (Burrino)

    Butter Heart and Butter Heart Porcini (Burrino) is baby provolina which contains a prominent centre of naturally produced butter simply flavoured with salt or porcini mushrooms. It is the perfect accompaniment to a good loaf of crusty bread.



    Baby Smoked Provolina (Scamorza Affumicata)

    Baby Smoked Provolina (Scamorza Affumicata) has a brownish tinge and attractive smokey flavor. Made in the same manner as the Baby Provolina it has the same slightly elastic texture and is perfect melted on pizza, shaved on top of risotto or as a substitute for grated cheese in any recipe.


    Filled Bocconcini

    Small bocconcini filled with pimento stuffed green olives, cherry tomatoes or tomato and basil. Perfect for sharing plates or finger food functions.



    Scamorza Bianca and Smoked Scamorza Affumicata

    Scamorza Bianca and Smoked Scamorza Affumicata Larger log shaped cheeses perfect for pizza, lasagna and parmigiana.


    Diavoletti (Little Devils)

    Diavoletti (Little Devils), A small provolina shaped smoked cheese with a centre of olive filled with fresh chilli.




    La Latteria RicottaRicotta has a fine, smooth texture with a delicate flavour suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes. 


    Because of the use of whey produced during the cheese making process it has a low fat content yet maintains its creaminess. Also available made with Buffalo milk. Perfect for tarts, cakes, cannoli filling, dips or simply stirred through your favourite pasta at the last minute, and kids love it!!


    Ricotta Salata

    Ricotta salata is a dried salted ricotta. It still retains the fresh ricotta creaminess but a sharp salty flavour makes it great for grating onto pasta or cooking in spinach pies along with the fresh ricotta.


    Primo Sale

    Primo Sale is a fresh pecorino style cheese made with cow’s milk. We also flavour the cheese with olives and capers or fresh chilli and rocket or  pink, black and native bush peppercorns.





    We also stock the following cheeses made by local Melbourne cheesemakers and all contain animal rennet:

    Parmigiano 2 year old parmesan made locally in Melbourne. Beautiful full flavour and creaminess despite it’s age.

    Pastorello, a parmesan style cheese made with 60% cow’s milk and 40% sheeps milk.

    Pecorino style cheeses, we currently stock three varieties of cheese made in the pecorino style with cow’s milk.

    Semi matured – bitey and slightly crumbly in texture.  Great for grating on pasta, as an alternative for parmesan and also for cheese boards.

    Pepato – strewn with peppercorns and semi matured this cheese has a slightly sweeter taste and beautiful peppery finish.

    Semi Matured with chilli - this cheese has a beautiful bite to it with the added spiciness from dried chilli flakes added during the initial cheesemaking process.




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